Air Taxi and Private Jet Hire. Charter a Private Jet at North Flying, One of the Biggest Air Taxi Operators in Scandinavia.


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Rent private jet


Rent a Citation private jet for exclusive comfort and high time saving efficiency. Depart and arrive from speciel private jet terminals with an estimate of only 5 minutes from your car to your private jet. We depart when you are ready, fly you to the place you like and serve the meals and drinks you prefer.

First of all private jets are a hyper efficient tool to save time. A Citation private jet can take up to 7 passengers and fly you from eg Copenhagen to Dubai, with no fuel stops while the large cabin give you exclusive comfort with minibar, big leather seats, tables and much more. Join your next meetings with a private jet, welcome to North Flying.

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Private Jet - specifications

Passengers: 7
Toilet: Yes
Bar: Yes
Cruisespeed (k.p.h) 850
Maximum range (km): 3500
Operating altitude (km): 13
Crew: 2(3)
Number of aircrafts: 3