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North flying offer you an air taxi with a capacity of up to 19 people. Based on our fast turboprop metroliner airplanes our air taxi service is the ideal choice if you are more people travelling together for eg a conference, a trip with more destinations, a skiing holiday or a golf trip.

Rent an air taxi at North Flying if you want unlimited flexibility and an unstessfull jouney with no crowded airport terminals, no long security lines and no extra fees for large amounts of baggage, skiing equipment or other sensitive luggage. Of cause food and beverages of your own choice are always included when you rent an air taxi from North Flying.

Air taxi

Metroliner - taxi flights for up to 19 peopletaxi flight

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AirTaxi - specifications

Passengers: 19
Toilet: Yes
Bar: Yes
Cruisespeed (k.p.h) 550
Maximum range (km): 3000
Operating altitude (km): 7
Crew: 2
Number of aircrafts: 4